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The Ideal Copy album:

  • Artist - Wire mp3
  • Album - The Ideal Copy mp3
  • Year - 1987
  • Genre- Other


  • Point Of Collapse
  • Ahead
  • Madman’s Honey
  • Feed Me
  • Ambitious
  • Cheeking Tongues
  • Still Shows
  • Over Theirs
  • Ahead (Ii)
  • A Serious Of Snakes
  • Drill
  • Advantage In Height
  • Up To The Sun
  • Ambulance Chasers
  • Feed Me (Ii)
  • Vivid Riot Of Red

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If you’d like to subscribe to The Ideal Copy Newsletter send an email to info [at] idealcopy [dot] com The Ideal Copy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Ideal Copy is the fourth studio album album by the English rock group Wire. The Ideal Copy Pre-order Great Expectations: The Singles Collection by New Model Army today and choose a FREE CD-Single as a special bonus! For more details, click here Amazon.com: The Ideal Copy: Wire: Music - Amazon.com: Online. It was the first full-length recording following the band’s hiatus of 19801985. The Ideal Copy Thoughts, Blather, and (very informed) Opinions about many, many things - including, but not limited to - Music, Anime, Videogames, Movies & Computers. This CD, which includes. Wire are a punk/alternative rock band. Pinkflag.com (the official Wire website) - Read (Discography. The ideal copy is what you want When you won’t, it makes you will The ideal copy makes you happy The ideal copy. CIA KGB PLO IRA IMF PPK SAS RUC ICI ITT H2O 12XU DDR NYC F1-11. The Point of Collapse

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